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EN - Training : GoFAST web-conference
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GoFAST web-conference training with screen sharing for :

  • Standard user role
  • Users dedicated to manage collaborative spaces

To start :

  • You access the conference with a simple URL :
  • Simply enter your display name to allow others to identify you (Screenshot at the bottom of page)
  • Once you have joined the training, you can check the configuration of your camera and microphone (Screenshot at the bottom of page)

Requirements :

Browser :
  • Chrome 44+, Firefox 40+, Opera 32+
  • Edge to be confirmed
  • Safari and Internet Explorer with Temasys plugin
Checks before the conference :
Sound :
  • loudspeaker or headsets
  • Microphone
Good to know :
  • You have to accept that your web browser access to your camera and mic (Screenshot at the bottom of page).
  • Turn-off the video if you have a bad internet connection.
Network requirements (for IT dept.) :
  • All traffic must be allowed over port 443, and not only TCP
  • For best experience UDP ports 1025 - 65535 be open.

Screenshots :



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